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Dive into the Urban Jungle collection, where intricate patterns from nature meet the sleek sophistication of city fashion. Each press-on nail set features a unique print that captures the wild's mystique without relying on the conventional. Earthy tones and striking designs provide a versatile range that suits any occasion. Ready to wear and impress, these nails bring the spirit of the wilderness to the concrete jungle.


Bonmuz brings you premium press-on nails, combining high-quality elegance with the assurance of non-damaging wear. Our collection is dedicated to providing an exquisite, durable solution for an at-home manicure that stands the test of time and lifestyle, making it effortless to elevate your look. 


  • In the set: 28 nails in 14 sizes, non-toxic liquid glue, non-toxic gel adhesive tabs, cuticle stick and nail file.
  • How to apply & remove:
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Urban Jungle | Soft & Durable Press-On Nails

SKU: 8e8d5112