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6 INCH Yoga Wheel  Yoga Back Yoga Roller Back Wheel for Back Pain and Stretching, Fitness Equipment Pilates Exercise Workouts Durable w/Soft Plush Outer Layer

  • * NON-SLIP MATERIAL * The unique patterned design of the outer circle of the wheel is an anti-slip material with gripping texture to ensure that no sweat or moisture of any kind will cause you to slip around on the wheel. This design also ensures the wheel will not slide across the ground surface.
  • * DURABILITY * We created these wheels to withstand more than the average yoga wheel. This wheel can withstand nearly 500lbs when used properly
  • * BACK PAIN? * Do you have ANY sort of spinal pain or back muscle pain? if so, it's most likely because your body is telling you that you need to stretch it out. 
  • CONFIDENCE * We are very confident in our Yoga Wheels (mainly because we use them every morning in our own households) and can guarantee you'd be more than happy with owning your own set of yoga wheels to use yourself

6 INCH Yoga Wheel Yoga Back Yoga Roller Back Wheel for Back Pain and Stretching

SKU: ab780b07