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Product Dimensions: 5.91x14.41x3.75 inch
1.23Pcs Utensil Set



**23Pcs Utensil Set*:Our utensil set has nearly everything you need for a perfect cooking experience!
**Kitchen Upgrade*:It is specifically designed to help you with all your food preparations,such as whisking,peeling,cutting,stirring,mixing,basting,baking,grilling,frying and serving up that perfect dish!Cup and spoon marked with size brings you much convenience when you are baking or drinking coffee,tea.
**Premium Materials*:Crafted with food-grade stainless steel and heat-resistant nylon,a must-have for every kitchen!Nylon utensils are solid,well-constructed that will last for years. Heat resistant up to 410°F/ 210°C. Keep your non-stick pans clean and won't scratch or damage the nonstick surface!
**Ergonomic Design*:Ergonomic utensil handles for a better grip and cutouts for hanging on hooks. These utensils keep your kitchen a safe,efficient,happy environment!
**Housewife Gift*:Cooking becomes easier and more enjoyable!This kitchen tool set is the perfect cookware gift set for a holiday gift,wedding gift or housewarming gift!

*Can be washed by hand with warm water and mild soap,and air dried or dried with a clean cloth to avoid spotting.
*Do NOT clean in dishwasher.
*Keep these kitchen tools away from kids.

Product Type: 23Pcs Kitchen Utensil Set
Materials: Nylon, 410 Stainless Steel
Heat Resistant Up To: 210℃/410℉
Soup Ladle Item Size: 9.4x6.5x29.5cm/3.7x2.56x11.62in
Solid Serving Spoon Item Size: 6x4x29.5cm/2.37x1.58x11.62in
Solid Turner Spatula Item Size: 7.5x4.5x30.5cm/2.96x1.78x12in
Whisk Item Size: 5.5x4.5x26.5cm/2.17x1.78x10.44in
Potato Press Item Size: 10.2x7.5x23cm/4.02x2.96x9.06in
Scraper Item Size: 4.8x1x24cm/1.89x0.4x9.45in
Kitchen Scissors Item Size:7.2x0.8x21cm/2.84x0.32x8.27in
Extended Tongs Item Size: 4x17x33cm/1.58x6.7x13in
Pizza Cutter Item Size:7.5x1.5x19cm/2.96x0.6x7.49in (Diameter:6.5cm/2.56in)
Vegetable Peeler Item Size: 2x1.5x18cm/0.79x0.6x7.09in
Bottle Opener Item Size: 4x1.5x17.5cm/1.58x0.6x6.89in
Extended Manual Can Opener Item Size: 15.5x4.5x20cm/6.11x1.78x7.88in
3-in-1 Grater Item Size: 11x1.5x24.5cm/4.34x0.6x9.65in
1/4Teaspoon Item Size: 2x0.5cmx10.5cm/0.79x0.2x4.14in
1/2Teaspoon Item Size: 2.4x1x10.7cm/0.95x0.4x4.22in
1Teaspoon Item Size: 3x1.5x11cm/1.19x0.6x4.34in
1/2 Tablespoon Item Size:3.3x2x11.2cm/1.3x0.79x4.41in
1 Tablespoon Item Size:4.1x2.5x11.6cm/1.62x0.99x4.57in
1/8Cup Item Size: 4.5x2.5x12.6cm/1.78x0.99x4.96in
1/4Cup Item Size:5.6x2.7x13.7cm/2.21x1.07x5.4in
1/3Cup Item Size: 6.5x2.8x14.2cm/2.56x1.11x5.6in
1/2Cup Item Size:7.4x3.2x15cm/2.92x1.26x5.91in
1Cup Item Size:8.5x4.5x16cm/3.35x1.78x6.3in
*Package Lists*:

5Pcs x Measuring Cup Set (1/8Cup,1/4Cup,1/3Cup,1/2Cup,1Cup)
5Pcs x Measuring Spoon Set (1/4teaspoon, 1/2teaspoon, 1teaspoon, 1/2 tablespoon and 1
1x 3-in-1 Grater
1x Kitchen Scissors
1x Scrape
1x Tongs
1x Whisk
1x Manual Can Opener
1x Bottle Opener
1x Pizza Cutter
1x Vegetable Peeler
1x Solid Serving Spoon
1x Soup Ladle
1x Solid Turner Spatula
1x Potato Press
1x User Manual

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23Pcs Kitchen Utensil Set Stainless Steel Nylon Heat Resistant Cooking Utensil T

SKU: S250-D0100HEUVP7