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How to choose a great skirt or dress for spring and summer

As spring starts, it begins to get warmer, and it is time to lose the heavy jackets and clothes as you can start preparing for summer with great skirts and dresses. The following are some dresses and skirts that you can wear during spring and also summer.

Wear floral prints

If you have a great floral print dress or skirt, this is the right time to start wearing them while pairing them with a great single-colored jacket in the morning or evening when it is chilly. As spring starts, you should wear light floral, and then you can go for the bolder flowers and colors in summer. Remember to keep it simple and pair your skirt or dress with a great collard or denim jacket. You can also add a bold belt if you want a more refined look with a short flare floral skirt or dress.

Maxi dresses

It might still be a little chilly in spring, and sometimes the air requires something floaty and relaxed. A maxi dress is a simple choice that can take you from morning to evening, and you do not need a lot of time to style the maxi. You can take this look from looking like you just rolled out of bed to looking evening-ready by adding a few accessories and complementing it with a great pair of shoes.

Pleated mini and midi dresses and skirts

Pleats are a great addition to any closet, and you can pair a mini or midi dress with a jacket or sweater for spring and do a mini pleated dress or skirt in summer. If you wear a skirt with lots of floral patterns, you can pair it with a bold shirt, and when it is spring, you can wear a long jacket to complement the look while also keeping you warm.

A midi is versatile because, in most cases, it might be windy, and you need something that will cover you as well as keep you looking stylish. On a windy day, consider tights or stockings so that the wind does not mess you up, especially when you are outdoors.

Printed full skirts and dresses

A full skirt is ideal for spring because it will keep you warm when it is a little chilly and free enough to keep you feeling relaxed as it gets warmer. You can pair your dress with a scarf to have something warm for when it gets too chilly and keep you looking chic as the day progresses. A great scarf will ensure that you can go from a relaxed day outside to an evening with the same dress.

If you have a detailed scarf, keep the patterns simple, and if the dress has elaborate patterns, you should choose a scarf with a single color or simple colors so that it does not take focus away from your dress. A good patterned skirt with a neutral color top, you can also use an elaborate necklace so that you can make a statement on a spring evening.

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